Sysmetric Ltd.

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    Sysmetric Ltd.

    Hataasia St. 26

    +972 4 6069700

    CD Series™ Batch type gravimetric dosing designed for injection molding and extrusion machines. Provides exceptionally good mixing of up to 6 components with accuracy of +/- 0.1%. Main component percentage range: 0% or 20-100% Other component percentage range: 0-100% Benefits Up to 6 components Modular construction for maximum flexibility and efficiency Modular extension hoppers for different component capacities No need for tuning or setup when replacing raw materials Integrated vertical mixer for superior mixing Easy, "plug & play" installation Easy material change Features Color touch screen for monitoring and programming Alarms: material flow and electrical faults Optional combination of CD with Beltcolor™/Gravicolor™ Optional host link interface for integration with Vision software Optional remote operator panel Optional closed loop line control Optional vacuum control



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